Jaka Arh Triptych
25. April 2020
Forum Stadtpark (großer Saal)

Triptych is a band formed in 2019 by a Slovenian saxophone player Jaka Arh. The band performs original music within which they create a framework of different improvisational and compositional techniques, timbre variations and interplay. The lack of an instrument that would cover the low end of the sound spectrum is what makes them unique. However, the fragility and instability of a setting like that requires more concentration and brings their ensemble interaction on a higher level. The music they are performing is mainly based on contemporary jazz, although, because of the different culturaland musical backgrounds, the origins of other genres like folk, electronic and classical music can also be heard in their playing. They recorded their debut album in January 2020 which is due to release by the end of 2020.


Jaka Arh | tenor/soprano saxophone, compositions
Eloá Gonçalves | piano
Luis Oliveira | drums


Tageseintritt: 15,- EUR / ermäßigt 10,- EUR*
Festivalpass:  62,- EUR  / ermäßigt 42,- EUR*

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Foto: Nina Korosak-Sercic